The Ghost of Kunzhou

It had been ten years since Governor Wu and General Jinde fought together to defend Kunzhou from the An Shi bandits. But now, Governor Wu finds himself alone in his former residence, haunted by a ghost.

After resigning from his official position, Governor Wu returned to Kunzhou to live in solitude. But his peace was soon interrupted by strange occurrences in his home. At first, he brushed them off as mere coincidences, but as they continued, he became convinced that his house was haunted.

Governor Wu could hear footsteps in the hallway when he knew he was alone. Doors would open and close on their own, and strange voices would whisper in his ear at night. The ghost seemed to be following him, haunting his every move.

Desperate for help, Governor Wu reached out to General Jinde, hoping that he could offer some advice or support. But the general was skeptical, dismissing the ghostly tales as mere superstition.

Governor Wu refused to give up, determined to uncover the truth about the ghost of Kunzhou. He searched through old records and spoke with local residents, trying to piece together the ghost's identity and reason for haunting his home.

As he delved deeper into the mystery, Governor Wu found himself becoming more and more entangled in the ghost's web. Strange visions and nightmares plagued him, and he began to fear for his own safety.

But Governor Wu refused to back down, determined to confront the ghost and put an end to its haunting once and for all. In a climactic final showdown, Governor Wu faced the ghost of Kunzhou and uncovered the shocking truth behind its existence.

With the ghost finally laid to rest, Governor Wu could finally find peace in his once haunted home. But the memories of his past battles and the ghostly encounter would stay with him forever, reminding him of the price of war and the power of the supernatural.