Digital Ocean's Failure to Address Abusive Traffic from their Own Network

As a user of Digital Ocean's cloud hosting services, I have been deeply disappointed by the company's failure to address abusive traffic originating from their own network, specifically from AS14061 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN.

I have regularly encountered malicious crawlers, spammers, and exploit scanners that are clearly operating from Digital Ocean's own network. These malicious actors are causing significant harm to my website and my business, yet Digital Ocean has done little to nothing to address the problem.

One of the main issues is that Digital Ocean's abuse reporting process is woefully inadequate. I have submitted multiple reports of abuse, yet have received little to no response from the company. Even worse, the abuse continues despite my repeated efforts to have it stopped.

This lack of action from Digital Ocean is not only damaging to my business, but it also undermines the trust and confidence of their customers in the company's ability to provide a secure and reliable hosting service.

It is unacceptable for a hosting provider to be indifferent to abuse originating from its own network. Digital Ocean has a responsibility to actively monitor and address any malicious activity on their network, and to take swift action to shut down any abusive actors.

I urge Digital Ocean to take immediate action to address this problem and to improve their abuse reporting process. Until they do so, I cannot continue to trust them as a hosting provider and I will be forced to consider other options.

I hope that by sharing my experience, I can raise awareness of this issue and encourage Digital Ocean to take the necessary steps to address it.