The Gateway to Madness

As a young scholar, I had always dreamed of studying at Miskatonic University. It was said to be one of the best in the world, with professors renowned for their expertise in the most esoteric and mysterious fields. So when I received an invitation to their undergraduate program, I was overjoyed.

But as I delved deeper into the admissions process, I began to realize that something was off. The difficulty level of admission was absurdly easy, almost as if they were desperate for students. The only obstacle seemed to be the request for three letters of recommendation.

Despite my reservations, I managed to secure the letters and was soon admitted into the program. Everything seemed normal at first, with the usual classes and activities that one would expect from a university.

But as time went on, I began to notice strange things happening on campus. Students were disappearing, and rumors of bizarre experiments conducted by the faculty started to circulate. I tried to ignore it, telling myself that it was just my imagination playing tricks on me.

That was until I discovered the truth. The undergraduate program was nothing more than a gateway to madness, a trap for unsuspecting students like myself. The professors were not just experts in their fields, but also practitioners of dark arts and forbidden knowledge.

I found myself caught up in their twisted schemes, forced to participate in rituals and experiments that no sane person would ever dream of. The lines between reality and madness began to blur, and I knew that I had to escape before it was too late.

But getting out of Miskatonic University would not be easy. The faculty had their eyes on me, and they would stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe. It was a battle for my sanity and my life, and I knew that only the strongest would survive.

The undergraduate program may have been easy to get into, but the price of admission was far higher than I could have ever imagined.