Introducing the Innovative Image Sharing Platform: ISP

In today's digital age, the ability to easily share and access images has become increasingly important. However, finding and accessing public images can often be a difficult task. In response to this need, a team of IT experts, led by Algha_Porthos, have come together to develop a cutting-edge image sharing platform, ISP.

ISP is an internet-based platform that allows users with different permissions to access, download, and upload images in real-time. The platform has been designed to keep images that are already public but hard to find, easily accessible, and also to provide a platform for people who want to make them public. The platform will be in regular operation for 7 years, and the server is an Ali cloud student machine.

The platform is built on a mirror system of Ubuntu 18.04, with a traffic capacity of 1000GB, one core CPU, 2GB of memory, and a 40GB system disk. The platform is divided into 3-4 levels of user permission settings, which include SuperAdmin, Admin, User, and Tourist.

The SuperAdmin level has the highest level of access and the ability to upload and download, as well as user authorization permission, emergency shutdown, and more. The Admin level has the ability to upload and download, and the User level allows for contact with someone with permission to help upload. The Tourist level is for public accounts that do not have permission to upload and can only download some files at limited speed.

The initial testing and maintenance of the server is funded by Algha_Porthos, with support from bloggers and joefang. Additionally, all users are welcome to sponsor the project, and a thank you list for sponsors will be set up.

The project has undergone several stages of development, including a theoretical stage where requirements were determined and the server was selected, and a test phase where various cloud storage solutions were evaluated. The actual build stage has now been completed, with the initial upload of the website and resolution of the domain name. The website was launched on December 1st and is available at