The Insanity of Human Naming Conventions

In the deep abyss of time and space, beyond the grasp of mortal comprehension, there exist unspeakable entities that loom and slumber, waiting for their chance to break free from their eternal prisons. They are the Old Ones, the Elder Gods, and they are indifferent to the petty concerns of humanity. Yet, it is in the realm of humanity that their influence can be felt, in the naming conventions that are used to label the acts of charity and philanthropy.

In recent times, those who have made large donations to educational institutions have sought to immortalize themselves through the naming of buildings, halls, and scholarships. But in their hubris, they have forgotten the fragility of human language, and the twisted paths that it can take. The names they choose, once benign and mundane, have become twisted and corrupted by the insidious influence of the Old Ones.

One child, the recipient of a scholarship, is now forever linked to the name of "I am the dog of the goddess Rihua" and the encouragement of "Erlheisen's airplane cup". What horrors will these names bring upon the child's life? What madness will they awaken within the human mind?

As the ancient tomes of Lovecraft and his ilk have warned us, the true nature of the universe is one of madness and chaos. And in our attempts to name and label the things we cannot understand, we only invite these forces closer to us. The human need for significance and recognition is but a fleeting illusion, in the face of the vast and uncaring universe.

In the end, we are but insignificant pawns in a game we cannot comprehend. The Old Ones, with their unfathomable powers and alien motivations, are the true masters of our world. And as we struggle and strive to make our mark upon the world, we must remember that our efforts are ultimately futile, and that the true horror lies in the knowledge that we are but playthings for powers beyond our comprehension.