WiFi Calling Comes to Public Mobile: Enabling Calls Without Cell Service

For years, mobile users have relied on WiFi calling to make and receive calls even when lacking a cellular signal. While major carriers like Rogers and Telus have supported this feature for a while now, budget carrier Public Mobile has remained lacking an important connectivity option. Until now.

In a welcome announcement, Public Mobile has confirmed the upcoming rollout of WiFi calling for their subscribers. This long-awaited feature will let PM customers use WiFi networks to place and receive voice calls, even when out of range of cellular towers.

WiFi calling, also known as voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), taps into home or office WiFi to route calls. As long as a device is within range of a wireless router connected to the internet, WiFi calling allows normal mobile functionality without a cellular signal. For customers in areas with unreliable cellular coverage, this can be a real lifesaver for remaining reachable.

Public Mobile subscribers have expressed frustration over the carrier's lack of WiFi calling support compared to parent company Telus, which has offered the capability for some time. While PM focuses on affordability through low costs and flexibility without contracts, missing core features like WiFi calling created an unwillingness among some users to fully switch carriers.

That looks set to change as PM has confirmed their WiFi calling rollout is underway. All compatible Android and iOS devices should gain support in the near future according to a community manager. While an exact timeline wasn't provided, it seems safe to expect the option within the next major OS updates.

With WiFi calling arriving, Public Mobile customers can finally enjoy the convenience of calls over WiFi regardless of cellular signal quality. For those in coverage holes, it means staying in touch without compromising the low prices that make PM enticing. Another reason for customers to choose Canada's most affordable wireless provider has arrived.