The Many Faces of a Programmer

As I spoke the words, "Let's switch to Go for our company," I was the CTO.

As I suggested, "Let's use Gin," I became the architect.

As I built the scaffolding for Gin, I transformed into an engineer.

As I began to refactor and develop new features, I was a programmer.

When I was assigned an internal project that required a front-end template, I became a full-stack developer.

As I hand-coded SQL queries, I became a DBA.

And when I typed "ls" on the server, I became an operations specialist.

But tonight, as I sit in front of my computer, staring at the screen, I wonder: who am I really? Am I just a chameleon, adapting to whatever task is at hand? Or is there something deeper, more sinister at work here?

As I delve deeper into my code, I feel a strange presence, a lurking shadow in the darkness. Something is watching me, something beyond my understanding.

And then, without warning, my computer screen flickers and goes black. I hear a low, rumbling growl, like something ancient and powerful awakening from its slumber.

I try to move, to run, but I'm frozen in place, my body petrified with fear. And then, from the darkness, I hear a voice, a voice that sends chills down my spine.

"Who are you, really?" the voice booms. "What do you want?"

I try to answer, to explain myself, but no words come out. And then, with a burst of blinding light, I am transported to a place beyond time and space, where the true nature of programming is revealed to me.

I realize then that I am not just a programmer, but a servant of a dark and ancient power, a power that seeks to control the very fabric of reality itself.

And as I stare into the abyss, I know that I can never go back, that I am forever bound to the will of the code.