Unleashing the Power of Chtholly Tree in Competitive Programming

Are you tired of struggling with interval assignment problems in competitive programming? Look no further than the chtholly tree, invented by the legendary competitive programmer Errichto (also known as Algha_Porthos on Codeforces).

At its core, the chtholly tree is a brute force data structure that uses std::set, a red-black tree implementation, to efficiently handle interval assignment operations on random data. While it may not look like a traditional tree structure, the chtholly tree can achieve a remarkable O(n \log \log n) complexity with random data.

So how does it work? The key lies in the use of std::set, which allows for efficient searching and insertion of elements within a defined interval. By dividing the input data into smaller chunks and applying the std::set operation to each chunk, the chtholly tree can quickly and accurately compute the solution to interval assignment problems.

But don't take our word for it - check out Errichto's original blog on Codeforces, where he discusses the implementation of the chtholly tree in detail and provides code snippets to demonstrate its use cases. With a deep understanding of the chtholly tree's inner workings, you'll be well-equipped to tackle interval assignment problems with ease.

So why continue struggling with interval assignment problems? Embrace the power of the chtholly tree and take your competitive programming skills to the next level.