Cheers Guv'nors, When's the Next Episode of Slow Horses Season 3 Then?

Alright me old mates, seems season 3 of Slow Horses has been a right proper goodun so far. In the last episode River and the gang really had their work cut out for em dealing with that bunch of proper dodgy Chieftain blokes. Looked like it was all going tits up for our hero for a bit there!

Anyroad up, you lot are probably wonderin' when we'll be getting the next helping. Well, I've got the gossip on when episode 6 lands. Mark it in your diaries for Wednesday the 27th of December, bang on midnight if you're watching on Apple TV+.

They're calling this final episode "Footprints" and at a tidy 45 minutes long it should give us a satisfying conclusion to the story. Be prepared for some more edge of your seat stuff as DIver's probably still in a right old state after that explosion. Reckon the rest of the Slough House crew'll have to pull out all the stops to help him out of a sticky situation.

As for what'll happen exactly, your guess is as good as mine but I reckon there'll be a big ol' showdown between River and Duffy to settle things once and for all. Bet it'll come down to the wire, with a few more casualties along the way. Doubt our Sean will make it out in one piece this time.

Anyways, hope you lot enjoy the finale when it drops. Think this series has been Apple TV+'s best yet. If you've not seen the previous episodes you can catch up there. Otherwise it's drinks all round at the pub after to discuss I reckon! Cheers!