Public Mobile's $34 Boxing Day Plan Now Offers Even More Data Thanks to Improvements

Telus-owned mobile provider Public Mobile has tweaked one of their most popular limited-time holiday plans to offer customers an even better deal this Boxing Day season. According to an article posted on the iPhone in Canada blog on December 13th, 2023, Public Mobile's $34 monthly plan now includes a massive 40GB of high-speed 5G data, up from the previously allotted 30GB.

An Increase to Match Black Friday Offerings

The author, Gary Ng, explains that Public Mobile had initially launched their Boxing Day promotions with the $34 plan including 30GB of 5G data. However, on the morning of December 13th they updated it to match what was available during Black Friday - a generous 40GB of usage. To sweeten the deal even further, the article also mentions Public Mobile's $40 monthly plan now provides 60GB of data if subscribed to for a 90 day period. This Quebec-specific option also bundles in Canada-US talk, text and data roaming to match similar promotions from sister brand Freedom Mobile.

Competitors Plans Remain Unchanged For Now

While Public Mobile took the initiative to up the data allotments on their holiday deals, Ng notes that competitors like Fido, Virgin Plus and Koodo had left their $34/30GB Boxing Day plans unchanged at the time of publication. However, he predicts it's likely they will follow suit and bump up the usage to 40GB or possibly an even higher 50GB, replicating the generous Black Friday offers some operators had rolled out. After all, there's no sense leaving customers data-hungry when Public Mobile is offering such a compelling alternative option.

Take Advantage of the Improved Offer Today

For those in the market for an affordable mobile plan with lots of data to use over the holidays, I highly recommend checking out Public Mobile's $34/40GB Boxing Day promotion! With an incredible 40GB of high-speed 5G data for only $34 per month, it's one of the best deals available from any carrier right now. You won't find caps on international texting either. And as my personal Public Mobile referral, you'll each get $10 off your first month if you subscribe. Act fast before this competitive offer ends! Let me know if you have any other questions.

In Summary

In summary, Public Mobile listened to customer demands and improved one of their most attractive limited-time offers. By upping the data allotment on their $34 monthly plan from 30GB to a massive 40GB of 5G usage, they've sweetened the deal even further for Boxing Day shoppers looking for an affordable plan. While competitors plans remain unchanged for now, it will be interesting to see if they match this new higher standard in response. Overall, Public Mobile's revised offer stands out as one of the best promos available this holiday season.