The Forgotten Child

In a world where humans were constantly on guard against wild beasts, survival was key. The image of a group of humans hiding in the bushes as predators roamed by was a common one. But that wasn't the case for the people in this particular tribe.

They lived in a cave, armed and ready to defend themselves. The men hunted for food, while the women collected plants and tended to the fire. With everyone huddled together in the cave, they felt safe from any potential danger.

However, one careless mistake almost cost them everything. A woman who was gathering plants outside the cave forgot her infant child outside as she made her way back. It was only ten minutes later that a small mountain cat approached the abandoned child.

The infant's cries alerted the tribe and they immediately ran out with their weapons, ready to protect their own. The mountain cat fled, and the child was rescued unharmed.

But the incident left a deep impact on the tribe. They realized that no matter how safe they felt in their cave, they could not let their guard down even for a moment. The consequences of even a minor mistake could be dire.

As the night fell and the tribe gathered around the fire, they were reminded once again of the fragility of life in their world. The forgotten child had been a close call, a reminder of the ever-present danger that lurked outside their cave. They would never forget this incident and would do everything in their power to ensure that it never happened again.