The Three Cats

I have three cats at home. The eldest is a beautiful short-haired cat who has never stepped outside. The second is a little orange stray kitten that I adopted from the pet hospital, and it has never left the house either. The youngest is a patchwork calico cat that my daughter found and brought home. We couldn't tell if she was lost or abandoned, but she was definitely pregnant. We kept her and she gave birth to a litter of kittens.

Every day, when I open the door, the first two cats run to the threshold and peer outside with curiosity, while the third one keeps a distance. It's as if she knows something they don't, something about the outside world that they have never experienced.

But one day, the third cat disappears. We search the entire house and the surrounding area, but she's nowhere to be found. As the days pass, I become more and more worried, and strange things begin to happen in the house. Objects move on their own, and I hear strange noises in the night. I start to wonder if the third cat was trying to warn us about something, something sinister lurking outside our home.

I decide to investigate, and as I venture outside, I begin to realize the harsh reality of life beyond my doorstep. There are dangers and horrors that I never knew existed, and I wonder if I can ever return to the safety and comfort of my home.

The disappearance of the third cat becomes a mystery that I must unravel, but as I delve deeper into the unknown, I fear that I may never find my way back.