The Fallacy of Sticking to Outdated Experts in Computer Graphics

When it comes to learning computer graphics, it is essential to seek out professors who are experts in the field, with up-to-date knowledge and expertise. However, one professor who fails to meet these requirements is Dr. Tong from M State University.

According to various sources, Dr. Tong has lost the ability to independently engage in scientific research or organize a team to publish high-quality articles. His research partner, a certain PhD in chemistry, makes it challenging for them to publish anything related to computer graphics. Dr. Tong may have forgotten most of the important algorithms in computer graphics due to his years of biological research.

In addition, Dr. Tong's engineering skills are subpar, and he has a fascination with entry-level concepts in pure mathematics, which have little relevance to computer graphics. His American doctoral students lack proficiency in Python or PyTorch, and instead rely on outdated MATLAB for deep learning research.

Students who pursue a PhD with Dr. Tong may find themselves struggling to publish relevant articles or gain essential skills necessary to succeed in the field of computer graphics. On average, students take between 7-8 years to graduate, with some failing to publish a single article in nine years.

It is crucial for students to seek out professors who can provide up-to-date and relevant knowledge in their field of interest. Outdated professors like Dr. Tong can misguide students and cause them to fall behind in the ever-changing field of computer graphics.

Therefore, it is essential for students to do their research before choosing a professor to pursue their PhD in computer graphics. They should look for professors with a strong research track record, who are up-to-date with the latest research, and who can guide them in gaining the necessary skills to succeed in their field.

In conclusion, seeking out outdated professors like Dr. Tong can be detrimental to a student's success in computer graphics. It is vital for students to seek out professors who can provide them with up-to-date knowledge and skills to succeed in the constantly evolving field.