Unlocking the Secret to Cross-Region Google Play Credit Top-Up: The VPN Method Explained

Google Play store has recently imposed restrictions on cross-region credit top-up due to a policy update in June 2021. This restriction has left many users who prefer using gift cards from other countries unable to add credits to their accounts. However, all hope is not lost. With the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) tools like OpenVPN, you can bypass the restriction and top up your Google Play credits.

One important aspect to keep in mind while using VPN is to use a "native" IP address, such as a broadband or family IP, rather than a data center IP. This will increase your success rate in topping up your credits.

Using OpenVPN is simple, as it is a user-friendly tool. Simply download and install the tool on your device, select a server in the country of the gift card's origin, and then log in to your Google Play account. This will enable you to top up your credits using the gift card.

In conclusion, VPN tools like OpenVPN can provide a solution to the cross-region credit top-up restriction imposed by Google Play store. By using a "native" IP address, you can increase your chances of a successful credit top-up. This method is a reliable option for tech-savvy individuals who want to make the most of their gift cards.