The Silence of the Net

The world as we knew it had collapsed. The internet, once a symbol of progress and innovation, had become a battleground for malicious actors seeking to disrupt our ability to communicate and share information. The ISAB team was one of the few remaining beacons of hope, working tirelessly to defend against the onslaught of DDoS attacks from Nostr clients.

But as the attacks intensified, we knew that our efforts might not be enough. We needed a powerful tool to help us manage the chaos and protect our users. That's where CMake came in - a flexible and powerful tool that helped us debug our scripts and quickly resolve issues.

As we worked to optimize the delivery of static content, we were reminded of the importance of speed in delivering critical information. The longer our pages took to load, the more vulnerable we became to attack. But even as we struggled to keep pace with the changing landscape of the internet, we refused to give up.

For those of us at UNSW, the chaos was especially palpable. With deadlines looming and competition fierce, we pushed ourselves to our limits, driven by a shared passion for innovation and progress.

And yet, even as we fought to keep the flame of progress alive, the world outside continued to spin into darkness. China's calls for peace talks fell on deaf ears, and the crisis in Ukraine only deepened. We knew that we couldn't solve all the world's problems, but we refused to let the silence of the net be one of them.