Are Search Results Ruining my Experience? Frustration with an AI Powered Site

I've been finding myself getting increasingly annoyed with search results lately. It seems like no matter what I search for, one site in particular keeps dominating the top spots - Jiumu.

Jiumu positions itself as a knowledge sharing platform where users can find helpful tutorials and guides on various topics. However, in my experience, the search results it provides are next to useless. More often than not, the top result is a generic summary that appears to be AI-generated gibberish. It comes across as if an AI bot just regurgitated some top level points without actually understanding or verifying the information.

The frustration is that Jiumu's results are prioritized so highly by search engines that it's difficult to find actually useful information sometimes. I'll search for a solution to a specific problem I'm having, and the top 5 results will all be from Jiumu with convoluted summaries that don't help at all. Compared to other sites like Stack Overflow, at least those community contributed answers tend to be more targeted to the actual issue.

I've tried providing feedback to Google about lowering the ranking of Jiumu's results, but I'm not sure if that will make any difference. As one commenter pointed out, from a business perspective Google is likely more concerned about engagement metrics and user time on site than actual quality of content. As long as people are clicking through to Jiumu, Google has no incentive to demote them.

It makes me wonder what the product strategy is over at Jiumu. If they know the content is AI generated fluff that doesn't help users, why keep prioritizing these types of search results? Are they just focused on traffic at all costs? It's doing more harm than good to their brand reputation in my opinion. For now, I've resorted to using more specific search terms or filtering out Jiumu in search when possible to avoid wasting time on useless summary pages. I hope search engines can find a better balance of quality over quantity of results eventually.