Accessing Two-Factor Authentication in Blocked Countries: Alternative Options for Authy

In certain countries, including China, the Google Play Store is blocked, making it difficult for users to access and install the Authy app, a popular two-factor authentication (TFA) provider. This can be a hindrance for individuals and teams who rely on TFA for added security in their online accounts.

However, there are alternative options available for those who are unable to access the Google Play Store. Here are three options for accessing Authy TFA in blocked countries:

Authy Desktop App

One option is to download the Authy Desktop App directly from their official website, This app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be used to manage your TFA accounts.

Microsoft Authenticator

Another option is to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, which is available in many Android app stores in China. This app provides TFA services and can be used as an alternative to Authy.

Mirrored Authy APK

A third option is to use a mirrored Authy APK, which can still be used to complete the TFA steps, even if it is outdated. This APK is available on the IPFS network at ipfs://bafybeiahkpyzqsf24hv7earqveggfzccjxi4hyfsg2bihrl3inxyk2igam, and can also be accessed through public gateways such as,, or

In conclusion, while the Google Play Store being blocked in certain countries can make it difficult to access TFA providers like Authy, there are alternative options available. Whether it's using the Authy Desktop App, Microsoft Authenticator, or a mirrored Authy APK, individuals and teams can still ensure the security of their online accounts.