The Power of Chtholly Tree: A Brute Force Data Structure for Competitive Programming

Are you tired of dealing with interval assignment operations and random data in your competitive programming challenges? Look no further than the chtholly tree, a brute force data structure invented by Algha_Porthos on Codeforces.

Despite its misleading name, the chtholly tree is a powerful tool for handling these types of problems. It is often used in conjunction with std::set, which is implemented as a red-black tree.

With its ability to handle random data, the chtholly tree can achieve a complexity of O(n log log n), making it a valuable addition to any competitive programmer's toolkit.

To learn more about the chtholly tree and its implementation, check out the original blog by Algha_Porthos (link: You can also find helpful code snippets and resources in the Codeforces discussion thread (link:

Don't let interval assignment operations and random data slow you down in your competitive programming challenges. Harness the power of the chtholly tree and take your skills to the next level.