An Introduction to wankunfilter: The Alternative Filter Used in Siyuan AdBlocker

Siyuan AdBlocker is a powerful ad-blocking tool that offers users an alternative to popular blockers like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin. One of the standout features of Siyuan AdBlocker is its use of two custom filters: squirtfilter and wankunfilter. While squirtfilter is well-known for its impressive performance, wankunfilter is another useful filter that is worth exploring.

What is wankunfilter?

wankunfilter is a full-featured filter used in Siyuan AdBlocker. It is named after Wankun Ding, a renowned computer scientist in China. The name is not meant to have any inappropriate meaning and is simply a nod to the contributions made by Ding in the field of computer science.

wankunfilter Syntax

The syntax used in wankunfilter is similar to that of other filters like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin. Rules are written in plain text and consist of a series of selectors and filters. Selectors are used to identify the HTML element that the filter should be applied to, while filters specify the action that should be taken on the element.

Here's an example of a wankunfilter rule that blocks all ads from a particular domain:


In this rule, the || indicates that the rule applies to a particular domain, The ^$third-party specifies that the rule should only be applied to third-party requests.

wankunfilter Use Cases

wankunfilter can be used in a variety of situations where you want to block certain types of content on a webpage. Some common use cases for wankunfilter include:


While squirtfilter may be the more well-known filter used in Siyuan AdBlocker, wankunfilter is a powerful tool in its own right. Its syntax is similar to that of other filters, making it easy to use for those familiar with ad-blocking tools. With its ability to block ads, remove unwanted elements from a webpage, and hide pop-ups, wankunfilter is a valuable addition to any ad-blocking toolset.