The Empty WeChat Account

I've been married to my husband for years, and during all that time, I've noticed something strange. He has a WeChat account, but the only thing he's ever posted is a single picture of a bowl of yuyuan (taro) balls. He never blocks anyone or sets his posts to disappear after three days like some people do. No, his account is just... empty.

It's not like he's hiding anything. He's a middle-class guy in his 30s with an Audi Q5. He's bald and has a shiny head that reflects light like a mirror. His skin is oily, and every time I touch his head, my hand becomes slippery like I'm holding a hot kettle handle. He has a big round belly that feels like a smooth watermelon.

Despite looking older than his years, he enjoys being called "big brother" by young children. It annoys him when we go out together, and the waitstaff calls me "beautiful" while calling him "big brother." I never thought much of it until the day I found out what he was really hiding behind that empty WeChat account.

One day, I borrowed his phone to make a call, and as I was scrolling through his WeChat, I found a chat with a woman I didn't know. It was just small talk, but something about it made me suspicious. That night, I checked his phone again and found the chat had been deleted. I confronted him, and he denied everything, but I knew he was lying.

I started investigating him, and that's when I discovered that his empty WeChat account was anything but empty. It was a front for a secret society that dealt in the darkest of black magic. I found myself drawn into this world of eldritch horror, and I soon realized that my husband was a key player in it all.

As I dug deeper, I uncovered a plot to summon an ancient evil from beyond the veil of reality, a being so terrible that it would consume the entire world. And my husband was at the center of it all. I had to stop him before it was too late, but I knew that if I failed, the consequences would be unimaginable.