Interacting with the Protocol Labs Cross-Chain Bridge from Solana Chain

The Protocol Labs cross-chain bridge allows for seamless interaction between different blockchain networks, including Solana Chain. In order to interact with the bridge from Solana Chain, there are a few key steps and considerations to keep in mind.


In order to interact with the bridge, you will first need to authenticate using your private key. This can be done using the solana-keygen command-line tool, which can be used to generate a new keypair or import an existing one. Once you have your keypair, you can use it to sign transactions and messages that will be sent to the bridge.

URLs and Endpoints

The Protocol Labs cross-chain bridge can be accessed via a number of different URLs and endpoints. The main endpoint for interacting with the bridge is, which can be used to send and receive transactions and messages. There are also a number of other endpoints available for specific functionality, such as for swapping tokens between different networks.


Once you have authenticated and have the correct URLs, you can start interacting with the bridge using a variety of different functions. Some of the key functions available include:


Here are a few references that provide more detailed information about interacting with the Protocol Labs cross-chain bridge from Solana Chain: