Making Calls Without cell Service: Public Mobile Adds Wi-Fi Calling

As consumers, we've all been there - you're at home or in the office, just out of range of your cellular provider's network, and you need to make a call. But what if I told you there was a way to make phone calls even when you have no cell signal?

That's exactly what Public Mobile, Canada's affordable no-contract wireless carrier, is now offering with the addition of Wi-Fi calling to their network.

Wi-Fi calling, also known as wireless voice over internet protocol (VoIP), taps into your home or office Wi-Fi network to route calls. As long as your device is within range of a wireless router connected to the internet, you can place and receive calls just as if you had full cellular coverage - even if there's no cell signal available.

For customers in areas with unreliable coverage, this represents a real convenience. I recently tested it out from my basement, which is essentially a cellular dead zone. But with Wi-Fi calling enabled on my Public Mobile phone, I was able to place calls without issues.

To use Wi-Fi calling, you need a device that supports the feature and you need to turn it on in your phone's settings. On iOS devices running iOS 12 or higher, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and flip the switch to the ON position. For Android, the steps may vary by device but generally you can find Wi-Fi Calling settings under Call settings or Network settings.

Once enabled, your device will smartly switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly as you move in and out of coverage, ensuring you stay connected without interruptions. But unlike some other carriers, enabling Wi-Fi calling on Public Mobile won't incur any additional monthly charges beyond your regular rate plan.

For those times when strong cellular signal just can't be found, Wi-Fi calling is a welcome addition for Public Mobile customers. It means you can keep your same phone number and stay connected even in coverage dead zones - which is a real advantage over other wireless providers that don't offer this feature.