The Sweeper's Revelation

The company reunion was going well until we decided to play some CS. After the game, we headed to the locker room to change clothes. That's when the sweeper passed by and took a good look at us. "You are product managers, right?" she casually asked.

We were taken aback by her accurate assessment and asked her how she could tell. She pointed towards the next room and said, "The boys in the next room were slow to speak, had dark circles and bags under their eyes, and some had beards and were carrying shoulder bags. They all wore plaid shirts and T-shirts, and the T-shirts were issued for events. They must be programmers."

We were confused and asked, "What does that have to do with us?"

"They came on the field and chased you like crazy. You are not product managers," she replied with a sly grin.

We were puzzled by her words and asked, "How do you know everything, ma'am?"

"After all, everyone is a product manager," she said before walking away.

We stood there stunned, not sure what to make of her revelation. As we left the locker room, we couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. We decided to investigate and headed towards the next room.

When we entered the room, we found it to be empty except for a few scattered T-shirts and plaid shirts. Suddenly, we heard a noise from the corner of the room. We cautiously approached the source of the sound and found a group of programmers huddled together.

They were muttering strange incantations and performing dark rituals that defied logic and comprehension. We watched in horror as they summoned something from another dimension.

We were frozen in fear, unable to move as a colossal entity emerged from the portal they had opened. It was a creature beyond our imagination, its appearance so terrifying that it defied description. We watched in horror as it began to devour everything in its path.

We knew we had to act fast. We gathered our wits and used our product manager skills to find a solution. We quickly developed a plan and used our charm to distract the creature while we executed our plan.

In the end, we were able to close the portal and banish the creature back to its own dimension. We were hailed as heroes, but we knew the truth. We had stumbled upon something dark and dangerous, something that should never have been unleashed upon the world.

From that day on, we knew that our company reunion would never be the same. We had seen something that could never be unseen, and we knew that the sweeper's revelation had changed our lives forever.