The Release Date for the Season 3 Finale of Slow 'Orses

Alroight guv'nors, the next episode of Slow 'Orses season 3 is just around the corner. Episode 6, titled "Footprints", will be dropping on Apple TV+ this coming Wednesday, 27 December. That's Boxing Day for all you non-Poms out there.

The episode is set to go live at midnight, so you'll be able to get stuck into it after wrapping up all the leftovers from Christmas dinner. I'm predicting it to be a right belter of a finale too.

In the last one ("Cleaning Up"), things got properly mental down at the storage facility. Duffy sent in his lads to take out River and the gang. Proper full-on shootout, grenades going off and that. Poor old Douglas copped it straight away.

Anyroad up, I reckon Episode 6 will kick off with River recovering from the explosion. But then the Chieftains will barge in and take everyone hostage. Can Marcus and Shirley save the day? Bit of a long shot init.

Meanwhile, Jackson will be shifting himself over to the farm to save Catherine. But some dodgy geezer turns up just as they're trying to scarper. No doubt Roddy will show his face at the nick of time to lend a hand.

As for who comes out on top, I'm betting Diana and Ingrid will have another face off. And River against Duffy of course. Few bodies will be dropping for sure. Be sad if Sean carks it. But hopefully our lot can pull through in the end.

Should be a belting finale! Make sure to tune in and let me know your thoughts afterwards. Cheers!